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Over our years as consultants to RTO’s, we noticed that many Colleges were struggling with compliance, particularly with Standard 1.8. Their failure to meet ASQA requirements, meant RTO’s were having to invest considerable time and money in rectification processes. We at VETFair set about developing assessment tools to address this issue. We have been in operation since March 2016 and now have a suite of qualifications in the Business Services Training Package that are finely crafted to meet the discerning requirements of all auditors. To date, we have a 100% track record of compliance.

VETFair is a team of adroit RTO professionals with an intimate understanding of VET compliance. Our first class craftsmanship of finest assessment tools meets the discerning requirements of ASQA auditors and fuels student engagement. Our motto is total compliance for RTOs.

Meet the masterminds:


Arda is a ‘Digital Educator’ with over ten years of experience in the IT and education sectors. He is currently pursuing his postgraduate research at the University of Sydney on amalgamating artificial intelligence and education together to enrich learning and teaching experience for students and educators.

Arda has extensive experience in corporate compliance where he has continuously achieved 100% success in regulatory audits for both RTO and CRICOS settings. He is currently supporting organisations with initial and renewal registrations, change of scope, post-initials, course accreditation, and internal audits.

Arda has worked across a range of roles in VET, Higher Education and Commercial operations including:

  • Business Intelligence

  • Project Management

  • Business Analysis

  • VET Compliance

  • VET/Higher-Ed Resource Development

  • VET/Higher-Ed Curriculum Development

  • Instructional Design

  • Multi-User Virtual Environments (MUVEs) in Learning

  • Professional Development including corporate training and the Professional Year Program.

Having a computer engineering background fused with well-developed ICT and business skills has enabled Arda to methodically develop systems and tools that incorporate interactive and instructional techniques which give learners the ultimate platform to excel in their learning experience.

Discover all the different services here that Arda has to offer and how these can help you achieve your strategic goals.


Mark has a wealth of experience with the auditing requirements of RTO’s. Over the years, Mark has assisted many Colleges across a number of industry sectors meet compliance. In addition, he has been an external auditor for the Vocational Education and Accreditation Board (VETAB). In those years, Mark conducted initial and re-registration audits across all disciplines in the VET sector.

Mark is one of the few consultants in VET who is officially registered with an international body. As a certified auditor, Mark maintains a professional standard which is monitored by Exemplar Global. This assurance reinforces his reputation as a practicing specialist where his record to date is the achievement of total compliance.

In addition to the writing of assessment tools, Mark provides an active consultancy to assist potential or registered RTO’s and CRICOS colleges with:

  • Becoming a RTO

  • Applications for extensions to scope

  • Registration renewals

  • Annual internal audits

  • Monitoring audits

  • Internal delegation audits

  • Course accreditation.

More recently Mark has been helping RTO’s become registered as providers of Higher Education. This involves developing the applications for registration and accreditation.

See here how Mark can help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

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