In the first part of this article, there was a discussion on the five phases of the journey of the learner with a RTO. The merits and challenges were explored with some discussion on the link to the CRICOS requirements.

In this second part, the discussion provides more depth to the evidence required for each of the five phases. For brevity, the focus is limited to Phase 1; however, this will provide insight into the approach required to sync in with the auditors on the big day.

The first phase of the journey is the process of Marketing and Recruitment. The table that follows, lists the steps (the sequence of activities) in this phase, the standard that covers this phase, a more detailed explanation of the requirements of this standard, and then the important section of examples of evidence the RTO provides the auditor. What is listed is some examples of this evidence. Note the documents in italics. These are templates that have been developed to provide a useful example of the evidence. Nonetheless, a RTO may have developed their own material which is to be applauded. This is then entered into the final column which serves as a self-assessment of your operation in this phase.

Self-assessment check-sheet for Phase 1 addressing relevant standard (Standard 4.1):

Step# Step in This Phase Requirements Examples of Suitable Evidence Your Evidence
1 information is developed and uploaded to website and or contained in promotional material and or social media potential and current students must have access to current, clear, accurate and comprehensive information about the RTO and its services
  • current website
  • current promotional material
  • current completed Check Sheet for Marketing Materials
  • current completed Marketing Register
  • current completed Policy and Procedures – Marketing
2 applicant and or current student accesses information to identify suitable units/courses of study applicants and current students must have easy access to information about the RTO and its services
  • website functionality meets operating requirements as evidenced by feedback received from current or new applicants refer to Marketing Register
  •  the current completed Check Sheet for Marketing Materials
  •  the review of the updated Continuous Improvement Register
  • the populated Agenda and the minutes of operational meetings held
3 applicant and or current student contacts RTO and makes enquiries website must have contact menu options
  • availability of appropriate staff to receive and respond to enquiry as evidenced by Job Description
4 applicant and or current student in this contact, receives information from course officer applicant and or current students receive relevant, current and accurate information to enable them to make informed decisions
  • staff are current with knowledge of website and customer service skills, as evidenced by Professional Development Register

If this approach has interested you and you require more information, please then drop us a line.


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